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Yikes, as of 7:34 GMT the top five threads in "off topic" go:



Ironically enough none of those threads seem to offer much hope.(disclaimer!: I support niether corporate candidate)

I had to post now, if only to bring the real hope thread back to the forefront.

Thanks again WH for your inspirational posts, but I must pose a question concerning mes. # 6.

Originally Posted by WineHippie View Post

"The idea of prevention is always based upon fear - for you do not want to prevent something that is joyful.

from The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
by Seth/Jane Roberts
(I know this is not your statement but I'll ask your opinion anyway).
Can prevention not be based upon clear legitimate assesment of a problem?
Fear based prevention I agree will likely be unproductive, but to throw one's fate to the universe could be (temporarily anyway) very painful.

This "Ark" business seems a bit in the wrong direction imo.
I am really more preparing my mind for what may be a storm before the calm.

I know I am strong and that there is nothing that I truly own that can be taken from me, but I'll be ready to make some tough decisions if the hammer drops beacuse I've considered the many scenarios that may occur w/ great detail. Many of them imo are pure bollocks, but there are indeed a number of alarming scenarios that are already under way that are a very real threat to humanity.

I feel like people are wrapping these possible "mass events" too closely together.
A nuclear detonation and acsecion of course do go hand in hand, yet it seems like some members at PA have a deathwish of sorts and welcome the violent breakdown of society, because they think that will usher in some sort of ascencion process. (not refering to anyone specifically here)
My view is that I have no idea if anything massive will happen in the years btw now an the end of 2012, but from the few short years of research I've done concerning the matter, I feel I can safely say that the power elite certainly believe that a massive earth changing event, that is out of thier control is coming, and soon. As a response they've designed (long ago) a collapse of society in order to bankrupt the masses financially and more importantly spiritually. As a result (as they see it) of their actions they seem to believe that they will be able to better survive the uncertain event and emerge alone (or at leats still on top) on the other side so to speak.

I feel like simply blaming "fear" is over emphasized here, as it is merely the subjective response to foreign information. It's what we do next that really matters.

We could say that makes me fearful so:

1. I'm going to disregard it
or 2. I'm going to investigate it

All I'm saying essentially is that (imo) more than likely something very bad will preceed something very good.

No matter how dark it gets though, I'll always be prepared to shine.
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