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Default Re: Personal attacks (conducted on this forum)

When it comes to the topics descussed here we have to understand what truth is, "Truth" is a Beleaf of one person that the majority believes in, it was a proven beleaf 1000 years ago that the earth was flat, its was a Proven beleaf that the earth was the center of the solor system. I think we know better now? So with topic on here we have to asume that to that person it is truth, what they say because they believe it is.

Just because something has been proven to be so at the time don't make it a lie, Now I know there are people out there that will get on forums like this and Lie, and just run people down so the truth will not get out. weather you agree with it or not Uless your are there an see the truth with your own eyes, or can weed out, the out right liars.

Understand one thing Proof is not always something that is needed if you believe. God is a perfect example of this. There is no Proof that he ever existed, yet People believe in him. In what ever form your beleaf manafests him in.

that is why even if I do not think something rings true I do not discredit it because who knows 3 years down the road it might be proven to be true. Sorry its late and I have to stay up at work under the stars. Need to stay awake Sooo I added my 2cent worth lol Peace all
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