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Default Re: The Secrets of the Illuminati and Freemasons and 2012 on DARKNESSRADIO

Secrets Shmeekrets!!!

I've been on the mystical path all my life and am so burned out of The 297th Degree of the Mystic Holy Order of the Sacred Bouncing Yo Yo I could barf! There's nothing they know that the newest person on this list doesn't know except a lot of cryptic mumbo jumbo in Hebrew Greek and Latin all spun together with numbers and all... Secrets make power - power breeds corruption.

I can't wait until the last of the old Illuminati dies of natural causes and the rest who want hang on to world power and dusty old secrets will be dragged from their temples, tried and executed for crimes against humanity.... And I don't even believe in capitol punishment!

There's some truly nasty people in the Illumi cage. Don't jump in!

A friend once said, "just because it's old, spooky and mystical, doesn't mean it's right or good for your health." I'll add: Some of it is downright criminal hiding behind pretty robes, false teachings and religious rights.

(a respecter of Wicca and the divine feminine, NOT a Luciferian!)
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