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Default Re: Butter Vs Margarine

Today when somebody asks me about diet, I make the following recommendation: vigorously seek to eliminate two things—hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup—and you will see noticeable health improvements. Not all hydrogenated fats are made with cottonseed oil today; in fact, most are now made with soybean oil. But by eliminating just these two commodities—which is not as easy as it sounds—you will find that you have eliminated the majority of the “displacing foods of modern commerce” that Weston A. Price spoke about.

The above is a copy paste from this web site.

30 years ago I had to be seeing a Dr. as I was "expecting" my first child. I had as yet unknown problem and he wanted to talk with me about my blood work. "It was a liver thing he wanted to know if my eyes ever looked yellow". So while waiting in his "office" there on his desk was a New England monthly reports of what is learned today. A Dr. at John Hopkins had done a "study" and found ONE link between cancers of the skin type which stated those people who used REAL Butter did not have that cancer. It was the ONE diet link he found. At that point in life we were below dirt poor and once a month we got food from USDA. Butter was always given ( This program to feed poor people keeps the price of things stable "high" in the U.S. markets. ) From that day on I have never got anything but real butter and only use Cold Pressed oils I try to stick to orgainc grown oils if I can.
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