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Default Re: Butter Vs Margarine

Originally Posted by Zeddo View Post
Funny you ask that....Yes in fact I did once and you are right. Besides being rock hard, it appeared as if it were fresh from the fat factory.......

As a kid we were fortunate and used to churn our own butter from unpastuerised milk. I remember taking the cream off the top of the milk for cereal and porridge too. We were the epitome of health, but then we were really active and never knew the meaning of TV, let alone video games.

I guess the trick is to find your local farmers who supply fresh produce and buy directly from them, especially if they are "organic". Oh yes, the other trick is to get rid of your TV's and electronic games !!!!

Don't you find it strange that fresh produce grown without chemical sprays is rated "organic" whereas other food is not? One would think that any vegetable matter would be classes as organic. Hmmmmm....

You see, there is the key! Butter is great but it the UNPASTEURIZED butter that is very healthy. I have a few places near me that sell raw milk but all other dairy products they carry are pasteurized. I think this ties into another topic on this board about Activator X and the research by Dr. Weston Price.
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