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Default Re: The red illumination of the night sky...


I am in the same boat as you. I too had a childhood full of experienced that left me wondering if someone was slipping me some LSD when I was a kid. I rarely bother telling people about them anymore, because quite frankly, it is too unbelievable. But after a long stretch of not much happening toward the end of my childhood, I began to experience things again and still do even in my adult life. It is these experiences which lead me to believe (or "know", rather) that there's a WHOLE lot more to reality than physicality. There's a whole lot more that we are yet not able to comprehend, which is why the foundation is laid through experience.

The whole reason why this world has become as filthy as you have described is that there's a growing consensus that we to not need God, and even that He doesn't "exists" as a personal being. Humanity is filled with a spirit of pride and ego, which denies the power of God and seeks to find everything "within". It is pleasing to me that you acknowledge that God created everything. It is also reassuring that there are other people in this world that have experienced super "weird" things and have not immediately run out into the streets declaring that "Aliens are here!", "We have to build space ports!".

I do believe you're being prepared for something. But never forget that you are the created. Don't let the New Age Movement, or any religious cult convince you that everything is within your own control, because it most certainly isn't. Keep searching, and keep God in your heart, and you will learn more.
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