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Default Re: The red illumination of the night sky...

Originally Posted by marcusaurelius13 View Post

My instincts lately tell me of many many bad things that have been brewing for a very long time, and the speed of which is only getting faster. I live in Chicago, a town I love, but recently when I was in the presence of a large group in the City, I couldn't help but feel as if I was in NAZI Berlin. Obama's home town..... I am getting out of hand...........These are nothing but feelings. I only share them to get them out me, so they can be destroyed. I hope I am wrong.
Don't worry man! It's ok to let that feelings go out and vanish. In my opinion, what you're feeling is the process of awakening itself. I can't remember who wrote this here in PA but it was more or less this way: to clean something completely, all the dirt accumulated in the bottom must rise to the surface. And I think that's what is causing your feelings. Many bad things are happening and will happen in the next days/months/years.

We are here to progress in our path learning from each other but we also are here to support and help each other with that kind of issues.
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