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Default Re: The red illumination of the night sky...

Originally Posted by WarriorServant View Post
the bankers and elitists of this world are literally possessed.
Ironically, I have sensed a lot of possible danger about Chicago. I don't want to scare you, but if I were living in the United States, that's the last city I would choose to live in. I am deeply concerned about Chicago.
i agree, the elistists/or ills, are full of a bunch of ****
mostly 24-32nd level reptiles/and, insects

also, there was plan on 9/11
to send planes from canada
to sears tower - however,
those planes, apparently,
were returned to canada

i think you can find
the YYZ depart X - ORD - ccx
YYZ -depart X -YYZ - arrival

meaning toronto - ord/chicago - ccx

and, yyz = toronto

yyz - yyz

Any international flights were closed to American airspace by the Federal Aviation Administration, causing about five hundred flights to be turned back or redirected to other countries. Canada received 226 of the diverted flights and launched Operation Yellow Ribbon to deal with the large numbers of grounded planes and stranded passengers

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