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Default Re: The pacified population and population control

Originally Posted by Realview View Post
I was talking to a friend the other day and we came up with a list of reasons to explain why people are not more actively protesting the "Illuminati". Here's the list, what am I missing? This seems to correspond with the known agenda of reducing world population. Since the bad guys always attack from every angle possible here is the list of suspected attacks.

1. Media -- groups like the Disney band Jonas Brothers, project an impotent image of young males.
2. War -- the testosterone driven youth tend to be the ones who volunteer to go to war.
3. Soy -- Unfermented soy is known to be a slow acting poison down to the DNA and soy is now in everything. It is theorized to be a major contributor to the "Gaying of America".
4. Fluoride - used in German WWII prison camps to pacify prisoners is prolific in water and toothpaste.
5. Microwave towers -- may be emitting pacifying frequencies as might cellphones.

Of course there are counters for the articles below.
1. Absolutely agree. If I ever have kids, will never allow them to watch anything Disney. Disney (and other media) is poison.

2. Agreed on war. Usually the people who feel that they have nothing to lose will be the ones that sign up for war. Also, students are goaded and pushed into signing up for college money so they can be entrapped whenever there's a war that needs fresh meat. Just say no to the military because there are other ways to get college money.

3. Soy makes you gay? What kind of **** is this? I used to drink soymilk but otherwise I don't touch the stuff. I just find this a bit far fetched, though plastics do contain estrogen and that could be a cause of feminisation of males.

4. Fluoride is always being mentioned as evil.

5. Pacifying frequencies? Might be a good idea to investigate this some more.
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