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Default Re: World in Chaos January 09

Originally Posted by Carmen View Post
Indigo Child your dream was a scarey one alright. I;ll share a story with you of an experience I had of a bad dream.

I heard a story a couple of years back of a person having a dream of their impending death. Actually it was as much a vision as a dream when I think about it. Anyway in the dream/vision this person was lucid and just ordered the dream to be changed.

I thought at the time "Thats cool, just change it" About a year after hearing this story I woke from a nightmare in which I saw my daughter on her way to school with her friend, both in school uniform. They were driving our old Nissan Pathfinder and they were completely taken out by another car coming at them from the right! I saw the grief and turmoil of the school body and the headmistress addressing the other school girls.

I sat bolt upright in bed and yelled NO CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Lay back down again and went to sleep. Didnt even remember the dream the next morning. It wasnt until I saw my daughter the next day that it was all remembered, when she told me about the close call she had travelling to school that morning. She said "Mum, we nearly got wiped out. This car came from nowhere" We were soo lucky?

Was this a prophetic dream that I changed deliberately? I like to think it was and that we have that ability.

I would love to have other people's ideas about this/
You made a good point there Carmen.
Awareness is the key to changing things around in the matrix. And bringing it a step further to " Awareness of Being aware" one can change the course of events of the time line we are in to another one more appropriate to our purpose.That's what you did through your dream.That allowed you to take an exterior viewpoint to the game and by doing so change the course of events.

Focusing on the Light and not the drama is a fine thing but it still puts you in a dichotomy.
Being above all sides and seing things as they really are is what unables us take the best decisions at all times.

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