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Default Re: The Truth about Alien Contact and Channelings

Originally Posted by Edward Alexander View Post
Regarding reptilians, I have never seen any evidence in any of my personal experiences that these even exist. But, I HAVE seen underground life forms, "humanoid" but with a negative energy emitting from their being, for all I know these could be related to the reptillian myths, as they might look somewhat reptilian I assume, but most of the negative entities are of spiritual nature and not of Earthly origin, but from other astral planes and dimensions, and some of these do take human form through incarnating into human bodies, while others influence the Human race in other ways, through spiritual means and attacks. Negative emotions and state of being attract them, positive emotions and state of being repulses them.

What if there are Atlantean and Lemurian descendents living underground...and ruling us through all manner of BS regarding God, aliens, Earth history, threatenings of hell and torment, promises of heaven and godhood...etc, etc? What if the only aliens are the humans and reptilians who came to Earth millions of years ago? What if we are troublemakers...and the Galactic Counsel wanted to isolate us from the rest of the universe until we 'grew up'? Have we been taking a several million year 'time out'?
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