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Default Re: william deagle scares the holy **** out of me for his believability

Originally Posted by wayoftheshell View Post
hello groundcrew from the sunflower state. am wishing you all well in your preparations as we surf the apocolypse. good luck! and god(dess) bless. personally am going to focus on picking brains for opionions on this wild thing or that one and will be posting pertinent pieces of information.

would like to kick off on getting peoples take on william deagle. boy that guy is intelligent, smooth, and articulate. he pulls on punches and may hold the most radical set of views that i have come across. would appreciate feedback on this mans view of things. pretty intense. what can we believe or not. or is it all true?

Have you seen the John Leer Interview on Camelot?

If you did .. do you recall .. when he starts talking about a person aka "sleeper"

well If ya do ..

Here are some quotes --

""It's human nature to look at the bad and fret over things that seldom come true. Enjoying life is not a given, we have to snatch it out of the jaws of pessimism.""

""There is aways a bigger doom and gloom to swallow up the little ones. Happiness and joy is what gloom and doom is out to take from us. In reality there is no gloom and doom, only illusion of it. We came into this life with nothing we leave this life with noting. On the other side we have everything, no illusions like we have here. ""

""Our thoughts and addictions create our illusionary reality and make our lives what they are. No government or anything else has that kind of power over us, it's all our baby. Some people don't like changing their own diapers, and prefer to walk bowlegged instead""

""Gloom and Doom is what we 3D brains love

The media that has the most gloom and doom stuff wins and gets the most traffic and money. I think its because we hope the next guy will have it worse, and that kind of makes us feel better about our own situations. ""

Hope this unscares u .. I'm Mr Anti-Doom here on the forums
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