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Default Re: CERN problems....thank our ET friends!!

and you know their intentions?

this could cause alot of bad stuff.... and , what if they discover secrets of the universe.. You really think they are going to share them with the world? doubt it.

we dont know their intentions, thats the thing.

and these things arent usually done with everyone else in mind.. its usually for themselves.

let them benefit from it, while whatever happens to everyone else due to it,
oh well. they got what they were in it for.
Now its up to everyone else to deal with, and clean up whatever mess they make.

Hopefully thats not the case..
but c'mon, thats how 'they' work.
why would this be any different?

shouldnt support something your only given very little info on and dont know much about.
especially when it could cause the HUGE problems that this possibly could.
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