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Default Re: Entertaining Links

Thanks for all the yuck yucks PodWORLD.

That's a bunch of good stuff there.

I've seen everything there before, except the drunk Orson Wells bit. Damn that sh*t was funny dude! I can't believe how long they let that go on. He was friggin hammered.

Bill Hicks is one of my favorite performers from any genre. He was funny as hell, but he was so much more than a comedian. I wish he was still around, although if he were I think he'd be a hundred times more incenced, but he'd have plenty of material for sure.

I just watched Cross's Pride special again cause I'm bored and a friggin insomniac. That's so funny, I haven't seen it in like 5 years, so thanks again homie.

I feel compeled to reciprocate but i'm finally starting to get tired and I gotta work in like 3 hours, YEAAA!.

So I'll just put up a couple of really stupid shorts that make me laugh.

Eugene Mirman - Sweet hilarious revenge (in person) on some douche who ripped on him online.

People Getting Punched Right Before Eating - (so stupid, but funny)

And some random Flight of the Conchords bits. "New Zealands 4th most popular folk parody duo".


Issues (Think about it)

She's so hot......Boom

Albi the racisct dragon

Inner City Pressure

Hiphopapotamus vs. Rhymenosorous

It's Business Time

Thanks PW. I needed a distraction.
Off to bed now. (I hope!)

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