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Default Re: Remote viewing Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers saving the World

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
This message is resonating with much that has already been discussed on previous threads here.
It would be nice to think that we will be saved by an outer force but i have my doubts, but i am having doubts whether this doomsday scenario will actually happen anyway.
No good speculating we will have to wait and see i guess, i just have a feeling this whole 2012 thing could be a big hoax.

However i do feel the Earth is about to have a great change although i have doubts i'm kinda hoping that all our thoughts and beliefs of what we would like to see happen really takes shape that would be so good!
I think everybody sees a breaking point coming. Something has to give and most everybody believes that it's going to be a large scale thing.

What if your conciseness is alien or ET? Invading reality. What if it's in our own psyche.

Maybe we are them and they are us. It's just a realization of spirit.

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