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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Love to you sis..

Love Always Always Love

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Hello Truthseeker ,

Always a pleasure to see you here my friend.

I quite agree with you as it does'nt matter where we are and what time of the day it is .. the point is the more we will live from our Heart ..our Universal Heart the more the journey will ease up and unfold naturally into a brand new world .For the world that 's seen through the Heart carries harmony and balance in itself.

The point is to express the Love that we are and express it's beauty through our meditations and then expand that unique state that is our essence to all moments of our lives .
For this our true nature and there lies our personal and collective freedom .

As a reminder I have suggested a while ago to add the nexus in our signatures . This is a simple and easy way to bring people that feel like it to this thread as we post on the forum.( see my signature below)

It would be nice if everyone here could do this .

Love Always
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