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Exclamation Astral dream (Second wave of the flue coming?)

Hi All

I just had a Interesting dream where I was cleaning up my room when suddenly an old friend came in to my room. And started talking about that some friends told my oldest brother that some one by the name of johnny had died, (don't know any one by that name). And that it was not true and my brother cried about that.

I replied in the dream that I said basicly that the messager could be defined a terrorist, because he was terrorizing my brother with fals information that made him sad. (Fals flag terror attack)???

Before he left, He made a comment that was mostly interesting. He said ; He suggested that I should start taking the Vis oil supplement then I woke up.

I recent purchased COD liver oil. Only did I not realily used it

This is one of my current spirtual guide telling me to take COD liver oil because of the Vitamine D I was thinking.

I think the second wave of the flue is coming , because of this advice.

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