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Originally Posted by Daniels View Post
hi back! and true, you're right! it might be out of line..

oh really, germany? me too!
where in germany?
I currently live in Munich.
Hey Daniels and others from Germany, did you happen to see my thread about recent bouts of sickness over there?

You may want to check it out and let me know if you folk are experiencing anything over there.

For my brothers and sisters in is very unfortunate that you are pawns in an evil game. The PTB here in the US along with the Armageddonists are just itching for the show to start over there and kick off their world domination agenda. I along with many others are sending you Love & Light and hope, along with you and our star friends, to help divert such agenda from going down that nuclear path. Prayers and meditation to send positive energies go out you! Stay strong and keep us informed on the latest movements over there!

Love & Light
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