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Default Can clouds predict earthquakes-can be a life saver!

Fascinating study which appears to have had some hits

New Madrid and Eastern United States - EQ Clouds
I have been capturing pictures of the clouds in this area showing Earth Movement. There have been lots of small quakes on New Madrid, besides Oklahoma having quakes 3 and 4+ recently. But the Earth Quake clouds go along the Eastern Tennessee area to the North also.

There are ripples in the clouds, besides that in some of the pictures you can see how the clouds are pushed away from the New Madrid fault. Considering day after day there have been Earth Movement clouds over the Eastern part of the United States, extending North and South all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. I sincerely believe a quake of a good size will be coming out from the New Madrid and Even from the long forgotten fault lines of the Appalachian Mountains. Earth Movement clouds have been over the Eastern Tennessee area, day after day also.

Rest of the article

What do you think? Is it possible?

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