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Default Re: Dreams that are not dreams...

This past march 13 2008 I had a dream that the moon shattered too. It was odd, I was "running" around the astral plane and at one point I was using a path way at my house to pivot to another context in my dream and noticed that a bunch of helicopters and "other" where in the air and look to the east and the moon had shattered. I was like "holy crap, I know I didn't do that..." I've seen just about everything you can read or hear theme-wise when dealing with dreams and I had never seen that before that day. I wanted to check to see if this just had to do with me or did this change even what I had just seen in my dream if I went back, and it did. It was odd, even my dreams where "malfunctioning" from stuff I just saw. I noticed that some of us seemed to know what was going on and didn't affect us but others where "malfunctioning" as well. I have had other dreams that I figured represented times after this event because people where "malfunctioning" in a similar manner while most of us went about our business.

What was interesting though is that I could tell despite the turmoil, it was just part of the really "cool" thing that's coming up. I agree with wilcock/hoagland/ferrell on their hyper dimensional physics model and if it's right, I theorize that we should start seeing "waves of wtf" coming in as the energy levels start oscillating to a different frequency by way of energetic influx due to the alignment as well as "other" factors apparently. I don't know what that "cool" thing is, but when I hear about the yellow book project, and the looking glass stuff, that whole "7 seconds of bliss" idea sounds right enough compared to my own visions.
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