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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
Apologies for being even blunter, but how many times will you miss my point? We could do this all day. Actually no we couldn't, because I give up.

So, 650 or 1,250 of your hard earned to cancel your debts eh? And can you guarantee to get out of ALL debts? I bet you can't.

650 or 1,250 you have to pay for the privelidge of ripping your creditors off?


I'm done here.
They are not your creditors, that is the point. They cannot show you the accounting to that effect, that is the point. You are making no effort to research the matter fully, simply relying on what you think to be true.

This is what keeps the human race in bondage, a complete inability to challenge established thought patterns and ways of doing things. I am reminded of the Wright Brothers and the fact nobody would take them seriously when they said they had built a flying machine; nobody would even take a look for years. After all, nothing heavier than air would fly, or so they thought at the time...
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