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Default Re: Clear Your Debts 70% of Credit Agreements Are Unenforcable Therefore NON repayabl

you all can call it what you want, play semantics all day but if you get (take) something for nothing it is not morally correct on any level.

if you "buy" a house from your friend and do not pay him, you got a house for nothing and your friend loses the value of the house. i think we all will agree that this is wrong.

if you "buy" a house off of your friend and pay for it with a mortgage loan that you do not pay back then you got a house for nothing. who suffers.....everybody who has or deals in currency. because the bank increased the money supply to loan you the money to buy the house and you do not return that money back to the bank then the existing money supply is watered down and worth less.

anyone who truly understands the videos that you all use as evidence to your case knows this. while it is clear in the first instance that you have screwed your friend and received a free house, it is also equally clear that in the second scenerio that you have screwed everyone else and received a free house.

as money supply increases, inflation ncreases and money becomes less valuable. by paying the bank back, you are taking that money back out of circulation and you stablize the value of money.

your theory doesn't hold water, isn't right, and if the banks and credit card companies are shysters, then don't borrow the money. save your money and pay cash for it like people did in the old days. 2 wrongs never made a right.

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