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Default Re: Custers last stand???

Originally Posted by Steve_A View Post
Hi Swanny,

It looks like a pig.

It grunts like a pig.

However, it smells fishy.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Best regards,

1.7 trillion so far in bailout monies and some tricky insider trading. i watched the news last night and it said barclays profits up in a certain area of their empire by 2.3 billion.. then at the saem time they said bad debts up by 85% and losses in that part of the company are 4+ billion. so perfect double think. by my simple calculation they lost 4 billion and made 2 billion..= they lost 2 billion.

its like youve fallen off the cliff and a sudden gust catches you on the way down, its slows your rate of decent somewhat but your still gonna splat on the canyon floor, the govt said the economy should be stablaised by november or whenever. simply put , when you hit the bottom you cant go anywhere, there is your stabalisation.

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