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Default Re: Custers last stand???

Just found of mail... Looks like the end is near...

"After September 30, the U.S. is on its own, as the Federal Reserve is totally rejected by the nations of the world, and they move to a Global gold banking system. All banks participating in the new banking system must be Basel II and Basel III compliant. Some smaller U.S. banks became compliant last spring in preparation for the banking change at that time, but the change has been delayed until now, basically by the U.S.

Other nations do not want the U.S. to "crash" and have been helping to save us, but Obama and crew are desperately trying to save their fiat FRB system with no regard for the results to our people. When the FRB goes down, the One World Order has lost the war for world control. They have already lost big time, and the players now are trying to escape with as much wealth as they can. When this all is sorted out, these evil players will have nothing.

Expect good things to happen yet this month. I believe victory has been won! We are waiting for the dust and smoke to clear. Watch Glenn Beck on FOX news today and Sunday. He plans to start telling the Truth! May he do so, and we pray for his wisdom and protection."

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