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Default Aug 13th 2009 Bright Star Like Object Rising

I was woken up and I had the inspiration to grab my camera and go outside. I had been asking for a good video for proof to my contacts. I go out and I see the star through the trees. I decide to record it, which is strange because I tried before, and I thought, if you are a ship and not a star possibly the Creme talks about, go all the way fast, but you got to be quick cause I only got ten minutes.

Amazingly, it did indeed rise in 10 minutes, and this video is a direct upload from right from my camera in m2ts mode which I have no software to edit, nor the computer to handle High Def editing.

Take it as you will. Now, even more interesting, what I suspect was a ship in it's own time space vertically dropped through the frame literally a few hundred feet from me, and it can be see at the later part of the video, and to which I pulled out separately at 17 seconds. Enjoy.


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