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Thank you, Truth and Agape for your contribution. It is pleasure to have you on this thread.

For all visitors and contributors to this thread: I asked it to be transferred to Avalon 2 as well as to The Mists of Avalon forum and it will have different (I believe) life on both forums. I hope the thread will soon be transferred.
For me, it was pleasure and inspiration to be in position to share with all of you the rich legacy of human`s yearning for freedom, both spiritual and socio-political. I do not make strong separation, even they have different basis, but I strongly believe in harmony between them as condition for a full development of the human potential. I never lose my belief in humans - they can be such glorious beings and they showed it countless times in our positive historical legacy. I also strongly believe humanity will finally, in near future, come to the point were we can clearly say: We are now free. Now, let us show the Universe and the Creator our true potential.
With this hope, I am inviting you to continue our path.

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