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Default Re: CERN problems....thank our ET friends!!

well, since they tell us the Truth about everything else.. we should just go ahead and believe that its not working... right?

My first thoughts when I heard it were " maybe someone else is keeping it from working" .. like some of your thoughts.... maybe its our mates from space.... lol
then i thought...

shouldnt everyone should take into account, that these people know about the controversy around this project.... and are going ahead and playing god anyway... and telling us they are not, for anything that it causes.. wont be blamed on them because "its not even working".

I realize we shouldnt always look at the negative side.. and thats not what Im doing...

but we should all know by now not to just take their words and run with them.

I thought it was usually..
"whatever they tell you, theres a good chance you can expect the opposite". lol

we shouldnt all just right away say.. "Ohh yay, its not working, maybe our friends are helping!!"

hopefully they are, but i thought we were getting away from blindly listening to everything we are told by these people.

anyone else feel me?
or no? , either way is cool. jus sayin. lol
maybe im whacky i dunno.

Peace (/|\)

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