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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

Just to say... as an avid bible reader.... This is just epic lol. Great great stuff everyone. Thanks for all the hard work to everyone involved.
You guys have my love and support,
Originally Posted by arcora View Post
Norval was kind enough to ask for my comments on this post - which I will give.

It is long and many here won't like it, but it is the Truth.

So, here I go, a non-Bible-thumper giving one single, loud and long thump.

From a little book written a couple thousand years ago....

The observations Norval made, while accurate and prescient are just a small piece of

the puzzle.

But this is just the beginning. For those of you that believe a cosmic cataclysm is

coming in 2012 (or 2009) you're in good company:

So, if one believes in a coming cosmic cataclysm, he should now see that it was foretold a long time ago.

But wait...there's more....

For those of you who believe in the NWO, fascism and coming one world government, you're also in good company.

Many here expect a false alien invasion event. You're in good company too.

But what about Planet X (Nibiru)? The Bible covers that too.

And finally (because this is my one and only thump) for the resident new-agers who's spirit guides told them that all they need is love - you may not be in such good company as you think.

And last, the good news.
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