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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

When the war in the heavens reached Mars with it's "canal like" features and the bombs
started falling it appears to have almost cracked Mars open. From old astronomers
drawings and photos to what it looks like today is a remarkable change. Reports in
astronomers diary's and observation notes speak of huge billowing clouds coming up off
the surface of Mars hundreds of miles into the air.
For a bigger picture >

Those observations were done by astronomers before anyone had seen the clouds
produced by an atomic bomb. Huge dust storms were reported on Mars for the next few
decades. All this time earth was getting crash landing UFO's, mostly small craft. These
beings from the clouds and sky's, from ancient legends, are now what we know of as
ET's, and more importantly in light of what the bible says, very bad ET's.

Mars is now a destroyed world that had bodies of water, much now blown into space
with the rest buried frozen beneath meters of debris. Something caused the waters of
Mars to flood across it's surface more than once. These are all admitted facts of many
scientists now.

With that part of the war over earth now faces the victors of that war in the heavens.
While at the same time the powers that be are coming to terms with the fact that they
have allied themselves with these cast down deceptive ET's. Many insiders have spoken
of the treachery and deceptions of these ET's down here on earth. Their attitudes of
superiority, maybe technologically, but not the good ET phone home type either. These
are the ET's that have infiltrated our world in many places and positions. Yes, some of the
whistle blower testimony is very real, but I would see how it stacks up against what the
bible has to say.

'"bad ET and IAC agent posters."
Are they here Norval?

Yes, they are here.
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