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Default Re: Recent War in our Solar System By Norval & Gale

Norval, I took this image, slipped it into the photo viewer, and looked at it at 400%. It's a chop-job, scale absolutely chopped up and manipulated. There is NO SMOOTHNESS across pixels, as one would expect. So, I removed their hues and put in mine. And what I see is, this photo is FULL of human forms: foreground, midground, background. It looks as if a cartoon motif has been added so figures appears where none exist as well as the figures that appear because they DO exist. This photo must be very recent because that gambit -- adding cartoon characters to NASA Mars, Moon and SOHO photos -- only recently became operative. It's present now in SOHO LASKO photos of the Sun, faces and animals embedded to discourage our looking too hard. :shrug:

Here is my version of the same photo, recolored but with the faulty scales left in place because I don't have any way to fix them.

I have another NASA moonscape photo I'll dig out for you, also with human forms in it.

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