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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.


Ur tooooo much in just one source. I Agree that bible is Scientific book and that you can find a lot of real truth in there, BUT... Even if there would be 99% Truth...there is still this 1% which can lead you to the wrong path. And thats exact case with the bible...If You want complete picture you have to combine Bible, Quran, Thorah and all other "religious" book's.

This is the only way you can realy know something and be sure about it. If you relay only on one book you'll fail, cos the truth is a BIG Thing cracked into tiny tiny pieces and spread all over space and time.

So people realy should read those books, cose there you can find almost everything you need to know about existance. Just don't read those books as stories, but think when you read not fall in traps where these books talk about so called "god"... "God" backwards is a dog and he is one of those "bad" ET's. (My Apology to real dog's...they are not bad)
Creator is something else. For now you have a chance to start Co-Create and think about Supreme Inteligence later.
So read al of those book's, You'll find a lot of truth, science, wisdom, knowledge in there..

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