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Smile Re: Calm Down, And Read It.


01 The Bible is an honest book and tells its story as it was and not how we would like it to have been. The word is not in the Bible and is derived from the Phoenician city of Byblos the principal exporter of papyrus. Greek: biblos, ‘books’ (a collection of books, a library of books, divinely guided). Originally there were no chapters or verses. Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury (12th century) divided it into chapters. The Genevan Bible was the first to be divided into chapters and verses. It was originally written in Hebrew and Greek. Midrash: ‘to search out’ (a searching of scripture).

02 Revelation: confusion over its interpretation may be due to the fact that its key truths had to be presented in code so that if the book fell into the hands of some first century Roman official, he would not immediately regard it as dangerously subversive. It’s teaching, brilliantly conveyed by means of language and symbolism drawn from the Jewish Scriptures, would be unintelligible to someone without a knowledge of the OT. Christ is the conquering Lion (Rev: 5:5), KI of KIs. Four horsemen = aggression, violence, famine, bloodshed. Apocalypse: from a Greek word meaning ‘revelation’, made to a seer by God or by an angel acting in his name. Crisis-literature (Daniel and the Revelation of John). Eschatological: ‘last things.’ The Bible is not a diary written in God’s hand. It is made up of parables and stories written by men.

The books of the Bible are listed below. The first five books are referred to as the Pentateuch/Torah (‘five-fold’). 01 Genesis 02 Exodus 03 Leviticus 04 Numbers 05 Deuteronomy 06 Joshua 07 Judges 08 Ruth 09 1st Samuel 10 2nd Samuel 11 1st KIs 12 2nd KIs 13 1st Chronicles 14 2nd Chronicles 15 Ezra 16 Nehemiah 17 Esther 18 Job 19 Psalms 20 Proverbs 21 Ecclesiastes (Ben Sirach) 22 Song of Solomon 23 Isiah 24 Jeremiah 25 Lamentations 26 Ezekiel 27 Daniel 28 Hosea 29 Joel 30 Amos 31 Obadiah 32 Jonah 33 Micah 34 Nahum 35 Habkkuk 36 Zephaniah 37 Haggai 38 Zechariah 39 Malachi 40 Matthew 41 Mark 42 Luke 43 John 44 Acts 45 Romans 46 1st Corinthians 47 2nd Corinthians 48 Galatians 49 Ephesians 50 Philippians 51 Colossians 52 1st Thessalonians 53 2nd Thessalonians 54 1st Timothy 55 2nd Timothy 56 Titus 57 Philemon 58 Hebrews 59 James 60 1st Peter 61 2nd Peter 62 1st John 63 2nd John 64 3rd John 65 Jude 66 Revelation.

20 Apocrypha. Greek: hide away. Withheld from general circulation. Apocryphal: a story or anecdote (in character but fictitious). Some of these books are:

01 I and II Esdras. 02 Tobit. 03 Judith. 04 Additions to Esther. 05 Wisdom of Solomon. 06 Ecclesiasticus. 07 Baruch. 08 Song of the three holy children. 09 History of Susanna. 10 Bel and the Dragon. 11 The Prayer of Manasses. 12 I and II Maccabees.

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I reported your posting as it is not even remotely with in posting guidelines. Your posting is also what we would call disinformation. But, thank you for that help in making it easier for others reading to see what we mean.].

Chesmayne: Apologies Norval for the long post but I'm just getting used to adding my two cents on the Avalon forum. I re-edited it today. You may go to my web page if you want to read it in full [the straight orthodox view of the Bible]. My personal view has shifted in the last few years. I'd say the Bible has been edited/censored from the beginning. Whatever the original Christian story was we don't have it today. Disinformation? Where exactly is the dis-information? I usually give 'straight' information as in the above. You may like to view my 'profile' to read my own UFO sighting which occured in 1967 [at bottom of page].

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