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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

just asking the question.
the good et's created the bible?
the bad et's created relgious division to control the masses?
on one post you pasted a link that. the pope tells everyone to read the bible.
mine and alot of other peoples assumptions are that the vatican is part of the government elite. part of the religion to control the masses.
i have heard of the acronym of the bible. Basic Information Before Leaving Earth.
this would ring true if we could understand the creation of the bible and its passage through our time. it's handling through our time, as in has it stayed in the right hands or how many times has it been used for dark instead of light.
i'm sure leaders in time have manipulated the information in the bible to further their own cause. so deciphering it's true connection to us and the et's would be the most mammoth of all don't you think?

i hope my intention is comeing across clear norval/gale. it is a hard question to ask because it involves so much. and i hope i asked it in the best way i could. thankyou for coming out with your knowledge
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