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Hi Benny,

how many times has it been used for dark instead of light.
Just consider how much blood has been shed because of those ones using the Bible for their own purpose.

so deciphering it's true connection to us and the et's would be the most mammoth of all don't you think?
It should be the first and foremost task for all us humans. Norval has been doing just that kind of research for over 35 years.

Basic Information Before Leaving Earth
the flight manual!
Your questions are appreciated.

Hi Pilot,

Revelations can be a difficult read, it does take time to research. This is not about human sovereignty. Back up a bit closer to the first part of what this is all about. Humanity was handed over for testing, to test our integrity, our heart, would we ultimately be up to the challenge of why we were created and we were created with the attributes and qualities of our Creator. As a result, some of those ET’s were extremely jealous, angry and hateful of us. Also Lucifer wanted to place his throne above our Creators, thus confrontation started.
The sovereignty belongs to our Creator and now his son, our brother, King Jesus.
So the different factions would be the good ET’s and the bad ET’s.


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