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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

Excellent work Norval and Gale, just excellent after finally reading before assuming this was just another religious thread. I would appreciate any of your opinions on the below list of additional books. I read Revelations last night after getting off the web and this will be the first time I read it from New to Old. I have read it the traditional way all the way through several times as well as just picking a book to read. This indeed may be very interesting. Thank you both for all the insight.
The Essene Gospel of Peace which was removed\altered after The Council of Nicaea
The Nag Hammadi Codez as well as the The Apocryphon of John found in 1945
The Book of Enoch
Rumored Fake Rapture by the ptb have you heard anything on this scale or could they possibly pull something like this off.
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