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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

We never left, only stopped posting in that thread for obvious reasons of moderation problems.

Now THAT was ironic.

An obvious poster that has failed to read before posting. Just as they haven't read the posting
guidelines and subsequent requests about posting from our moderators and administrator.
But to answer that question, again, nope, I am not the least bit religious. As the bible lists several
positions, or levels, of oversight within the community, I have been called a minister, priest, and a
few other things. I think "infidel" was my favorite.

Now it's not nice to pick on the hats that ones wear, , , , but did you get a load of those dresses?

Quite the truth there.

"Ur tooooo much in just one source."
I think you meant to type "to much INTO just one source"?
Provided you had read the disclosures I have made as to sources, you would have not made that

uhmmmmm, it would have been nice to just get your viewpoint about that video.
I don't have the time to watch ALL videos, but the youtube ones about dumb drivers are very
funny to watch.

Good point, validation and confirmation is always good to get. But just reading books about a
"book" does not constitute having read "the book". Not saying this of you, but that is what most
people have done. There came a time in Gale's and my discussions and research investigations
when I just had to pop off with, "Just read the damn book!" . She then did, and the rest is history.

I reported your posting as it is not even remotely with in posting guidelines.
Your posting is also what we would call disinformation. But, thank you for that help in making it
easier for others reading to see what we mean.

There used to be some great information about how we got the bible at the United Bible Societies
web site, you could try there? Thanks for your input.

A real good way to find the answers is to do word searches in a computer bible. One can learn
alot and get the answers they are seeking that way.

As we have said before, many books, but we use the bible as the one to measure all others
against. A three page book in the bible called Malachi gives a good summary of the whole book.

Mummy bean,
It never hurts to know what, and who, is saying when and where.
Yes, think of the wine skins, new into old, most will not be able to, as one person recently posted
me, leave the old for the new.

Well, I do appreciate all the responses, there is yet much work of investigations and research to
be done. With the bible as the picture on the box this big puzzle came in one can figure out the
puzzle. No, it won't sit well with many, and no, it won't help those that are blinded to it's message.
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