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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

Originally Posted by Norval View Post
A three page book in the bible called Malachi gives a good summary of the whole book.
Just for fun I went and read the first chapter of Malachi. It seems to be mostly about the LORD complaining about people bringing unacceptable sacrifices to him, such as blind, crippled, and diseased animals.

OK, what does this have to do with ET's?

Also, what kind of God requires animal sacrifices? It seems rather sick to me. Also, supposedly God created the blind or crippled animals; this book makes him seem rather small minded to think less of them.

PS - I was a Christian for years and have read the Bible many times. I cannot relate to your idea at all that the book has anything to do with ETs or really with much of anything that is going on today. It is a collection of stories and myths from thousands of years ago - how could it possibly be relevant to today?
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