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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

You are so full of crap, Norval. *I KNOW* YOU are full of crap, because the first post on this thread of yours is crap in everyway. I know because I am the *secret witness* of the Kingdom Of God. I really hope that the Mods of the Avalon can close down this thread or, close Norval for causeing such crap. Trust me, you or anybody else does not want to upset the Almighty-Creator God.

*IF* you can Norval, could you PLEASE EXPLAIN in "detail" of what or how you know what you is talking about is not the crap you are talking about? I need to know or not, that you are not one of those idiots who who just talks on and on and endless crap all the time... PLEASE EXPLAIN IN DETAIL AND TRUTH ABOUT WHAT *YOU* SAY... MR NORVAL.
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