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Default Re: An apology from Icelanders

Originally Posted by peacelovinman View Post
The blame lies with us all. We must face up to the personal responsibility and begin to put things right.
the only response to this is.......... Since We All Were scamed, it is just now our personal responsibility to do what needs to be done. You might have a good job that pays good and you might live on an island where the economy cant reach you and you might be the queen bee and walk on water and you might get free gas and food. BUT this aint us...... Some of us cant find work that some people went to college for, some of us are TRYing to live paycheck to paycheck. Some of us eat Raman Noodles. Some of us are doing our best to survive. Some of us KNOW the system is a scam. Some of us want different things than them, or you.

And what I mean about what needs to be done is.. We need not play their game anymore. We need to self educate and live in peace without THEM. We can make our own chioces and decide what we want or want to do. I am human at the top of the food chain and there is NOTHING over me but my creator.

Your personal responsibility is to self educate. Later

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