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Default Re: Odd, intriguing and alarming UFO files released oct 20th

Originally Posted by pineal-pilot-in merkabah View Post
lets see, full disclosure= leaders of world coming togehter to say yes we have been visited by aliens and they are about to atack us soon. we need a 1 world system to band togehter to defeat them.. could be wrong, i think not somehow.. reagans speech ect ect..
Yeah,all angles have to be considered on this subject,i feel when the time is right,if it ever will be then you will feel the connection in the heart that may defy any fear factory ambitions regarding 'contact'.I am starting to feel that it's all about your own soul guidance;be at one with yourself then fears are dispelled and nothing can harm you or threaten you,then maybe off world species with a benevolent aspiration may indeed wish for an exchange of energies.
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