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Default Re: Odd, intriguing and alarming UFO files released oct 20th

Originally Posted by norman View Post
IMO there will be no FULL disclosure.

Think of it like this. A British government finally decides to to tell a blinkerd/dumbed down population that other countries exist and 'foreigners' are real, they've even been coming here on holiday.

What they won't tell us is that they have been 'dealing' with the governments of foreign countries sharing some secrets and witholding other secrets etc.

We know foreigners 'exist' but we don't know their secrets, and probably never will. Least of all their government's secrets.

see nassim harremain lectures on the begginings of human understanding of foreigners secrets. LOL@ CERN imo .. listening it harremin is like a breath of fresh air.. im wondering if the powers that be have funded the cern star gate knowing as they plunge the global populace inot fear and hate that a demonic antitey will somehow manifest throught the portal.. it seems to make sense. 6000 physisists from all over the world..... some of them must have an idea they wont find a GOD particle.and its a portal they are gonna make, harremins work ties in with all ancient texts on scared gemoetry and wotnot..
then we have a statue of shiva at cern(i am become death, the destroyer of worlds) and 666 cern logo.. something smells fishy..
i think the foreigners shorted the magnet and caused the leak of the helium 4 liquid from the tube to sabotage the madness..
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