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Default Re: Odd, intriguing and alarming UFO files released oct 20th

Originally Posted by CosmicFever View Post
Look, I know this is not going to be a popular theory but I have to put it out there. The main reason is all this disclosure that's going on. It is not meant to discredit anyone. Again, it's something that just bothers me and I would like your input.

I am very skeptical about disclosure, period. If they won't intervene unless we're getting ready to blow ourselves up sounds to me like a set up. Think about it. We hit our button. The Soviets hit their button. N.Korea hits their button. Pakistan hits their button. Then these off planet folks show up, stop the bombs and save the day. They're our "saviors". They tell us they can make everything better. Fix the planet. Get rid of the cabal. I just don't like it. Smells like a rat to me. Why tell us? If that's the plan then just do it. Why didn't they save Atlantis? Atlantis either A) nearly destroyed the entire planet with their technology B)this elusive Nibiru/Planet X almost wiped them out or C) there was a pole shift.

I believe that anybody who's being contacted by anything is being deceived. They're being used as pawns so to speak. If they say they can't or won't interfere then why are they contacting these people? That's interfering. I've thought about it a lot and it just doesn't feel right to me. Remember these multi-dimensional beings can't survive without our soul energy. It stands to reason they wouldn't want us all to get blown to smithereens or would they? We start over AGAIN and they get X# of more years of soul sucking out of it or we accept them and get suckered into giving up our freewill. If that happens they own us. Either way they win. The Human Race does not go away that easily so some of us would survive in the nuke, Planet X or pole shift scenario.

There's deceit going on here of universal proportions. One of my mottos is "Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts". Your enemy always acts as a friend when they first appear on the scene. I feel the only way out of this is for the human race, along with all living things (which is everything), to come together as one and save ourselves. Just my two cents and I welcome and appreciate your feedback.

i agree with smelling a rat.. i think that maybe atlantis was an experiment that went wrong. so we had to be given the full knowledge over a period of time so we could slowly learn and not destroy ourselves..we are now at that juncture imo.. fly or die so to speak.. no one ever mentions mk ultra or other mind implantation techniques when regarding channellers.. that is where i take stuff with a pinch of salt.. some seem more genuine thatn others.. it seems as tho we are what may become the remnant, the ptb know they have the rest of humanity locked down. so poss need to attempt to spread confuaion and panic among those that "know".. i veiw all info the saem till it feels right to accept it.. the more dots i connect the more info becomes acceptable that at first appeared to be total bunk
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