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Default Re: Odd, intriguing and alarming UFO files released oct 20th

I hear what you are saying Cosmic and my humble soul agrees with you!

i also smell rodents big time!!! lol

Its all a personal journey i realise - but for me i think all signs point to ultimate personal responsibility as humans and what we are capable of ( but are mostly unaware of)

The "others" CANNOT intervene in my opinion because they really have absolutely no control over matters - WE as humans do!! That is why they need us - and have been fighting over who controls us.

There IS no other higher power (as in another life form that can help us) - we are in actual fact THEIR helpers - but we don't realise this.

I have really thought this over and over thru the years and while i do believe in a divine being (something that all matter and non matter and consciousness actually belongs to) i have repeatably been shown intuitively and also thru study that somehow we HUMANS are a KEY to something more than we can ever imagine.

I really hope we can remember WHO we are in the coming times instead of expecting a revelation from the skies to TELL us what to think. I feel we have all had enough of indoctrination to last us eternity already!!! lol

Live , laugh, love and enjoy being human while you can - it may just be your pathway to eternity.
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