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Default Re: Indigos - Debate

Originally Posted by Dantheman62 View Post
Butt out ORION,you've put your 4 cents in, leave it alone, god there's one in every bunch

i already said what i felt. whats yer deal dooder? you aiiight? chillax man.

2infinity,~ Good point. I never said i was perfect, i seem to have an intolerence for ignorant people who dont care to share exactly what their disagreements are but instead resort to sly little tactics to get their point across.
i agree with you, glad you didnt take it the wrong way,

i am the same way, i have a low tolerance (specially lately) for some reason.. for 'ignorant' people, and seem to come off pretty harsh sometimes.. i feel as though i could be nicer in the way i address these people.

i feel also, that the reason we get so frustrated by things like ignorance, is partly due to our own ignorance. Thats a big part in tolerating it. I used to be ok at it, but like i said, lately it just seems like too much. lol

like ive read a million times, (something i need to stop forgetting)

if we see ourselves in everyone else,
it will be easier to see where they are coming from,
it will help us to maybe think twice on our responses to such things,
if we see the same thing that makes us angry at everyone else, within ourselves, (that we know is there, or has been at one point),
maybe a little more understanding will come of it,
and then a more humble response.

i know its worked whenever ive stuck by it,
so if nothing else, my reply here was a good reminder to myself to be a bit nicer maybe when i see ignorance that i feel should be 'called out'. lol
really, it doesnt make sense to counter negativity with more negativity,
tho im also guilty of it.
guess we jus gotta stay aware.

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