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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hey Kent,

A couple years ago, I had a really good reality check. I was looking into ancient flying machines, when I came upon this site. It is probably why I’m here now.

Yes the website is great. Thanks my friend. I really appreciate.

I use to be blown away at how little attention this stuff gets in academic circles.
Well I think that in the reality, the top academic circles are well aware of all this. But the game is orchestrated by the Elite, and you know that they are trying to keep all this in the dark as long as posible.

Off the record, in the background, they conduit extensive research on the vimana crafts at least 60 years, how they are build, which material has to be used, how far can they can go, their performances etc. They tried to accomplish total translation of the ancient texts that are written on Sanskrit, because there are so many ancient texts that are describing the technical and the spiritual aspects of the Ancient Rama Culture.

It is logical that in the past “The Elite” hired almost all people who possess extensive knowledge of ancient Sanskrit, for purpose to do translations of the ancient texts.

But, those people were probably mostly yogis who were extraordinary persons, but they were not technical persons. They probably inherited this knowledge from secret passing from generation to generation, and in most cases they filtered their interpretations only through their domain of understanding.

They did not understand the techical terminology and function and they didnt know anything about radioactive isotopes or at least element's characteristics like in case of Element 115 or higher and how it reacts with the combination of other elements. But that was decades ago and now, they are probably using advance software and they can read them all.

It is interesting that in 'Vymanika Shastra' there are data that it took 20 years of yogic and technical education for a person to become pilot of Vimana.

Some were made from wood, some from metal and some were far advanced and had pure energy drive etc.

This picture says more than a million books
Yes I agree.

Almost all books are more or less false becouse they are usually filtered by the author’s belief systems, his/her knowledge and understanding, but what you see on the images is direct input…those temples are thousands years old…they are showing you how life on Earth once truly was and if you look like you should, it can reveal much more than you can imagine. And where it points it has absolutely nothing to do what they teach our kids in the schools…

Respect to you,

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