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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
I woke up earlier this morning. Silence and summer warmth. I was drinking my coffee outside in the garden. Threes were quiet, no leaf to move. Flowers, colors and soil. I sit down on the grass. No people around, no voices, no clouds on the sky. Refreshing silence of space and time, when the Being is complete and satisfied with what it is. Calming insight of the existence. Silence and beauty. Silence, silence…

Than, the music came from nowhere. It was a butterfly - unseen combination of colors: white, old gold, blue, yellow, red. I’ve never seen butterfly like this before. It`s fly was The Music: light flickering of the wings as a harp, than strong spiral rising as a sublime violin; on the higher top of its fly, it was standing in gentle piano sounds, slowly, slowly, and than rash lowering toward the flowers! In the moment when it stand on the blossom, a mysterious female started to sing, tiny and high, some melody of forgotten times.
Was it the Divine Feminine or Mother Earth? Nevermind, it was a music. Absolute beauty.
I realized. Everything is all right. Everything will be all right. Just see the beauty. It is equal to what love is. Feel, feel, feel. Knowing is not enough.

I finished my coffee. I went to the computer. I sent messages to the people I love. Today, I will hug all the people around me.

I hug you too.
I'm so glad that you realized that all will be fine. Never mind the hard times dear friend, just let the divine "work" for you, stay as you are, pure in your heart and really, all will be right.

Thanks for the huges, please receive my love which I send to you all the time...


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