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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Respected friends,

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

We really appreciated it.

We are approaching the end of the cycle. Thing got even more complicated.

We see extreme UFO activity around our Sun. Many ETs are using the Sun Gate to travel out and inside our system. Sun Spots are often used for travelling, as they function as some kind of black holes due to the dynamics not still full understood.

The Sun is charging its batteries and generating energy for its rebirth at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

>> The sun is entering its 27th consecutive day of spotlessness, quiet and calm.

After a promising eruption of sunspots in early July raised hopes that Solar Cycle 24 was gaining strength, the sun reversed course and retreated to peaceful slumber. Only four weeks after behemoth sunspot 1024 amazed onlookers, solar minimum has never seemed deeper. The sun's 77% rate of spotlessness in 2009 confirms the ongoing minimum as a century class event.

- NASA is still playing the same game. The CME that happened on 6-7 July 2009 was not natural but artificially induced. A very fast approaching object went into the Sun, activated the Sun Gate and exit on the other side. Few moments after a huge Space Craft under cloak come out from the Sun Gate.

It was fallowed by ejected plasma from the Sun. As usual.

Without this CME, our star would hit the record for monthly no sun spots.

The obvious change in the dynamics of the Sun is producing changes in our atmosphere. One of those is so called anomalies in the magnetosphere.

Those anomalies are very large and in fact have direct electrical connection with the Sun. Airplanes that experience malfunction are bellow those fissures.

You can fallow the anomaly on this web site:

Just fallow where air planes are falling down and you will know where those anomalies are.

They call them - Noctilucent clouds.

Those are form above 75 miles high, and are no clouds. They are direct electrical currents and they look like a ocean waves in the sky.

My point is - all that was mentioned before in this thread is happening.

At the very end of 2012 our whole system will be so illuminated that it will be amazing. Those so called ”Noctilucent clouds” are nothing comparing with what will happen.


Those blood lines - and that evil originates from Egipt.

Their agenda is that Dark Side of the Force gaing full victory.

Barack and Michelle Obama are the reincarnation of Pharoah Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt.

The game is becoming clear.

Airlines and Accidents - Commercial Airline Crashes with Fatalities – 2009

February 2009
•7 - Manaus Aerotaxi (Brazil) - Embraer 110 Bandeirante - 24 of the 28 people on board were killed. Possible engine failure and heavy rain are potential causes.
•12 - Continental Connection (Colgan Air) - de Havilland Dash-8 Q400 - 49 of the 49 people on board were killed, plus one person on the ground. Possible ice build-up cited as a potential cause.
•25 - Turkish Airlines - Boeing 737-800 - 9 dead, and dozens injured. Cause under investigation.

May 2009
•31 / June 1 - Air France - Airbus 330 - 228 passengers and crew on board. Flight lost over the Atlantic. All on board perish.
June 2009

June 30 - Yemenia - Airbus 310 - 153 people on board (142 passengers and 11 crew) crashed into the Indian Ocean as it tried to land during very poor weather on the island country of Comoros. A young teenage girl is the only survivor.

July 2009
•15 - Caspian Airlines - Tupolev Tu-154M - 168 passengers and crew on board. Seems the tail of the plane suddenly caught on fire and the pilot was unsuccessful in finding a safe place to land and crashed into a field. No survivors.
•24 - Aria Air - Ilyushin-62 - 153 on board. Conflicting reports on what happened. 17 dead.

Economy has been broth to a state of collapsing only by issuing a order.

The so called swine flu vaccine is biological weapon - If you are smart you will never let your self injected.

They are forcing this on a global scale which means it’s not going to be very long until they start to show their face.

World Trade Centre - Twin Towers was used as portal to Hell to bring Evil from those dimensions. And they plan to do that again.

But, as we received the message - Believe there is good outthere, I can only say this: THERE IS GOOD OVER HERE TOO.

And we are not stepping out.

We are free and SOVEREIGN ENTITIES and we are standing on the side of Light and we want peace and harmony.

And we are going to fight back.

Our weapon (Dharma allows use of strength and knowledge when there is absolute need for it – and now it is time to use it) and our weapon is higher consciousness and union into meditative Oneness.

The rising of the Vibrational Level is extremely important now and in near future. It’s extremely important how the Earth will vibrate when those beams arrive.

So let’s install those drivers and let’s unite into one meditative stream of consciousness. Let’s make a difference.

A single being can do more or less, but if we unite we can move this planet to a higher vibration.

Very soon DJModer or I will explain the procedure how those files can be created.

The file for 2009 is just a sample. In that template it will progress.

There are higher forces who will guide this from Above. And we need all the help we can get.

Quetzalcoatl is coming back and that’s good news.

Wake up people. Let’s do this.

Let there be Light,

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