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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by feardia View Post
I have been following this thread from the day it opened, and have been taking part in the saturday meditations. I do not believe b & k would do anything to stop aw providing us with information, but there are those who would like to and have the ability to fragment this group, that is how you know it is so important. Alex Collier said that we must all become 'fractals of resistance', if one part goes down the rest of us have the template.

I do not necessarily agree with everything AW says, but 90% is still an A+ so thats good enough for me. We must all pledge to continue our meditations and let nothing dishearten us, the more they try to stop us, the more we know we are doing the right thing. This movement will grow with or without aw because deep down we all know it is the right thing to do, so enough of the fear and paranoia on this thread, lets get back on track and make plans for 2010, the year we take back our power.

Now is the hour...
Feardia, if your remark about "fear and paranoia on this thread" is addressed to Astralwalker`s claims about being threatened and followed, than you create a non-logical situation....

The fact is: The man who started this project claims his life is threatened...he has problems exactly for what we are doing here, and I tried to find a way to help him. I believe my proposal for Camelot Interview with Astralwalker would be good move in that direction, so I only asked for a support.

This will not stop our efforts to contribute, but will also bring a new energy. So, please, supporting my proposal, you are supporting this mutual project too.


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