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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Whether you decide to come back here or not I understand you go with the flow and where your heart takes you ..that place where you 'll serve best . It's not in our hands as higher Consciousness really is what is at work and balances the Universe . We are here to serve it ..not to rule .

Be assured however that in these times of trial we of Nexus will support you and do all we can to make your journey safer and take all the necessary moves that are in our hands .

I suggest friends that we upgrade our meditations and make them a daily routine for all of us to follow .This will make the Universal Heart stronger and come as a Loving answer to the present turmoil.

If there is any leading and powerfull force at all that we have to surrender to it is that of LOVE for LOVE is what takes care of all .

Love Always

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