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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


I have a question regarding an apparent contradiction . If the energy emanating from the galactic centre is so high and as a consequence we are going to roasted , what's the point of the genetic reprogramming that is supposed to happen with the wave ?
Our DNA structure does not stand only for our physical bodies. It goes way beyond the physical. I will try to explain this.

We are consciousness, an intelligent life force that exist in this Universe.

Now…It doesn’t matter if you believe that there are only 7 dimensions or planes of existence or 22 or infinitive number of them it simple doesn’t matter.

Every one of those dimensions, frequencies, worlds or planes, possess different density and different speed of vibration. We are on lowest which is most dense and with the lowest speed of vibration.

As we go higher, towards etheric, astral, mental, causal plane and higher, the inviroment gets less dense and more subtle and the speed of the vibration gets higher and higher.

Every next dimension you are in, extends your abilities, understanding, it brings you more extended perception and wisdom if I may say. The more you climb up the more you understand yourself and the purpose of your existence in the Universe. The more you learn and grow the more you become aware of your responsibility and what is your task or how you can help in the Divine Plan.


For our consciousness to move inside every of those planes of existence, it needs a suitable vehicle or a body that possess the same density and the same speed of vibration.

For your consciousness to be capable to be consciously present on these higher realities, you need something which is called fully activated DNA structure.

You can call it 12 strain DNA functionality, and you will not make a mistake.

Because if you look at the crop circle data, they usually insist that we understand and pay attention to the germ, seed, flower, and the fruit of Life.

That is…that we pay attention to the Sacred Geometry.

I’m sure that you have already noticed that this relation of forming the Germ of Life, Seed of Life, Flower of Life, and the Fruit of Life, it’s exactly the same what is happening inside the DNA. The nature is manifesting its self through the mathematical language which has precise geometrical patterns starting from germ, seed, flower, and then developing to the fruit of Life and on and on to infinity.

It doest matter if you are a flower, fish, alien, tree, human, animal, bird or whatever you had been created from the same geometrical pattern starting from the germ of life to the fruit of life.

The Fibonacci sequence is present everywhere and it is found in everything in nature.

Anyway, I do not have time to go too far with this … what I mean is that when a human being physically dies, that does not mean that the DNA is destroyed.

It means that the DNA stays with consciousness because it has many subtle bodies that are attached to it, and which the consciousness can use as vehicles for moving through the higher realms.

The only part that fades when the event we call physical death happens is the harmonic that matches the physical vehicle.

The higher DNA harmonics are still with the consciousness because as I said earlier is capable of multidimensional existence or capable of moving through different dimensions using suitable vehicles.

The astral body matches the astral frequency, mental body the mental frequency or plane of existence and etc.

Note: Please consider that I’m using here terms that are understandable for most people.

You can consider all this differently:

The consciousness, possess a suitable subtle vehicle, to be in all this dimensions and all this is the DNA structure.

I does not take long, that we can determine that the more DNA is activated the more we can reach towards other planes of existence and fully conscious.

Now, let’s get to some heavy discussion.

Scientific community had split the composition of our Universe to Normal Mater, Dark Mater and Dark Energy. They were comfortable with Normal Mater observations but when you ask about Dark Matter and Dark Energy they just stick their finger in the mouth and if they are honest they will tell you…we simple do not know what is going overthere.

Also they call it a vacuum and they tell you that is empty. But, its not. How can a space vacuum can be empty when all around we see that all energy is radiating to. Vacuum is not empty but exactly opposite full of energy.

We now know that 99% of atom is empty space. This is where science usually stops. But there is much more beyond that.

In fact we are living in the Universe which is contracting to infinity in a fractal matter and expanding to infinity by constantly getting larger and larger.

I can elaborate on this much much more, but my time is limited.

Now how all this have to do with the coming Nexus 2012?


All this Cosmos or Universe (if we use scientific terms) that consist of normal mater, dark mater and dark energy, is interwowen and all dimensions or planes are connected. The intelligent Force behind all this is what is called Aether. It creates galaxies, stars, planetary systems, comets, everything that we see etc.

This Aether can be summarised as direct creation force that manage the balance between all the dimensions and express the will and the purpose of the Creator Himself.

Now, in normal conditions, when a human from Earth, dies, consciousness lives the body but because of the low progress, still attached to consuming flesh, still used to bring pain to others, polluting and destroying the nature etc, the vibrational state is still low and can only use the DNA harmonic that matches the astral plane. In most cases the consciousness is unprepared for this new density and it takes a while before it get use to this new reality and starts to use the astral body.

Now…The Nexus represents the higher energy. The higher purity. The Most Divine.

Because it’s higher, for our consciousness to be able to sustain on that frequency in a nexus body, all the DNA harmonics including the higher must become functional.

And the only way that someone can progress is through Love, Compassion, Self-determination, self-respect and respect of all other life forms in Universe, respect to the Nature itself as living organism and understanding that we are all equal, we have the same potential and that we are all ONE.
Inside the NEXUS you can not exist as individuality. It’s just Oneness!
No one is better then the other…it’s all illusion. We are all connected and we are all part of the same.

If that is the case, who needs fighting and who needs contest?

The only things that can free us is harmony with ourselves and with the nature. When you find a central point inside yourself, the point that is hollow and that contracts to infinitely small you know that in that small dot you are one with the Creator.

In that moment all the fears disappear and you are not afraid any more.

The Nexus is something extraordinary.

I’m not sure about this, but there is a possibility that as soon we penetrate, we will teleported (the billions of consciousness will become ONE and that ONE will be transported back to the galactic center and through the point of the Singularity it will be taken to another Universe with even higher cosmic DNA harmonics from this one.

At the moment the atmospheres of all the planets in the solar system are changing. They are becoming bigger as we receive more and more out side energy. The bigger the atmosphere, the more prana or mana is present, and the more prana the more DNA strains can be awaken and utilized.

But we have to stop destroying everything we touch, and turn to our cosmic nature.

In simple words, the reprogramming of the DNA structure is necessary for activation all DNA harmonics that can support our presence in all planes and most of all to support the fusing of the consciousness into one ocean of consciousness – into oneness.

We will separate from the physical mater as a race and not as individuals. And that my friend is what makes all this so extraordinary.

Why do you think they give you E-codes, aspartame, fluoride, use frequency weapons as HAARP and similar, vaccines, mediums, creation of fear and low emotions?

They are trying to stop what is happening my friend.
We are in the middle of something extraordinary, so don’t stay in the frequency that all that will happen is that you are going to be roasted.

Its only physical harmonic, we are much more then that.

So do not fear…

If we fear we vibrate low, and the quickening and evolution inside the DNA can not proceed. The beams will do the most part of the genetic engineering but small amounts of cosmic rays are already hitting the Earth and are changing everything in the Matrix.

Stop consuming drinks and food that pollutes your physical body and are stopping the dna awakening. Turn to meditation and to nature. Return to yourself.

As, I was saying I believe we are on the door of the Evolution of our race.

However, this only my perspective.

What you do with this info its your choice.

This is what I know and what I feel.


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